Tay Ninh province, Vietnam
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Lefarm Co., Ltd prides ourselves over our flagship Cavendish banana, grown and harvested in one of the most fertile tropical regions in Vietnam. Using pure upstream lake water resources, our passionate field engineers care for our banana in the most intimate manner. From selecting the healthiest plantlets in the nursery, to upholding the most stringent post-harvest mandates, Lefarm benefits hugely from the partnership with Taiwan Banana Research Institute (TBRI), one of the very few prestigious entities with a longstanding history of banana research breakthroughs in the world.
Our goal is to bring the tastiest, healthiest, and most delicious Cavendish bananas from Vietnam to dining tables, snack boxes, home fruit bows, and yummy desserts of families from all across the globe. Vietnam agriculture has so much potential to please the world's picky tongue, and Lefarm is proud to be a part of that sweet offering package from a country long-known for its tremendous diversity and terrific quality of fresh tropical fruits.